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Wiggle (voiced by Jennifer Darling): Wiggle is one of the girl Biskitts. In "The Biskitt Who Cried Woof", she develops a major crush on Waggs and becomes Sweets' rival for his affection. Shiner reminds her that she used to have a crush on him before falling for Waggs. Wiggle merely states that she lost her interest in Shiner because he "ain't got no breeding." Shiner counters by saying that Wiggle "ain't got no chance" of being Waggs' girlfriend because of Sweets. Despite this, Wiggle is still good friends with Sweets as well as Lady.


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  • Wiggle is the least seen of the main Biskitts. She is absent from 13 episodes: "As the Worm Turns", "Trouble in the Tunnel", "The Moonpond", "Fly Me to the Goon", "Dogfoot, "Up to His Old Tricks", "Turnaround Hound," "A Dark and Stormy Knight", "Moving Day", "A Biskitt Halloween", "The Bone in the Stone", "Snatched from Scratch", and "Raiders of the Lost Bark".
  • Wiggle makes cameo appearances in five episodes: "Spinner's Surprise", "Two Leagues Under the Pond", "Around the Swamp in a Daze", "Rogue Biskitt", and "The Trojan Biskitt".


  • In "As the Worm Turns" when Sweets introduces her pet caterpillar, Fuzzy, to Lady and Mooch, she says Wiggle's name instead of Mooch, but Wiggle does not appear in the episode.
  • In "The Moonpond", Sweets and an unknown female Biskitts hits Scratch with a puffball. Waggs said it was "Sweets and Wiggle", but Wiggle was absent from this episode also.
  • In "Spinner's Surprise" and "Around the Swamp in a Daze", Wiggle is seen speaking, but with Lady's voice. It is possible Lady was supposed to be the one speaking, but Wiggle was drawn in by mistake.
  • Wiggle is the only one of the ten main Biskitts not seen in either the opening or closing credits, possibly due to her lack of screen time.