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Sweets (voiced by Kathleen Helppie): Sweets is one of the bravest Biskitts, she is Waggs’ girlfriend, but sometimes gives other boy Biskitts a kiss, making him a little jealous. Shiner often tries to impress her causing a love triangle between her, Waggs, and Shiner. Wiggle later becomes Sweets' rival for Waggs' affection in "The Biskitt Who Cried Woof", but she doesn't get upset or show any jealousy when Wiggle flirts with Waggs. Sweets is very nice and gentle to her friends. Like Waggs, she has shown to have good leadership. In "The Bone in the Stone", she takes over as leader after Waggs gets injured and their treasure is stolen by a dragon.

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  • Sweets appears in every episode along with Waggs, Bump, Shiner, and Scat.