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Shiner (voiced by Jerry Houser): Shiner is cowardly, lazy, pompous, and selfish. When there's work to be done, he would dump his job on someone else so he can just lay around. Shiner attempts to impress and charm the girl Biskitts, mainly Sweets. He is very jealous of Waggs' leadership and sees him as a rival. He would often blame Waggs for no reason whenever the Biskitts end up in a crisis. He does sometimes show a kind side as seen in "Turnaround Hound" when he helped take care of an injured Snarl. In "Around the Swamp in a Daze", he saved the day and foiled King Max to atone for constantly messing up in the episode. He is friends with Downer. He is a Shar Pei mix.

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  • Shiner appears in every episode along with Waggs, Sweets, Bump, and Scat.