Biskitts Wiki
Episode Title Airdate Synopsis
1A As The Worm Turns Sweets befriends a worm, while hiding from King Max and His henchmen.
1B Trouble In The Tunnel The apathetic Shiner tasks Scat with polishing the treasure, and when a mole finds His way to the treasure trove...
2A The Moonpond Shiner foolishly takes on Scratch after He jumps in a dirty pond, which He thought was the Moonpond, which is rumored to give the power of invulnerability.
2B Fly Me To The Goon Bump’s attempt to retrieve a ruby a crow stole, causes Him to land in King Max’s castle, so the others try to rescue Him.
3A Spinner's Surprise The Biskitts set up a birthday party for Spinner.
3B Two Leagues Under The Pond Shecky constructs a mechanical alligator, which King Max uses so He can attack Biskitt Island.
4A Dogfoot Downer gets sick with swamp fever, so as the Biskitts search for a flower to cure Him, They encounter Dogfoot.
4B Up To His Old Tricks King Max uses a magic book in hopes of stealing the Biskitts treasure.
5A Turnaround Hound One of King Max’s dog Snarl get hurt and Biskitts take care of him. Shiner help him to get better.
5B A Dark and Stormy Knight King Max hires the Dark knight to capture the Biskitts, but when the knight learns that King Max doesn’t have the treasure to pay him...
6A Belling The Wildcat Shiner is tasked with tying a bell around Scratch’s neck, but unknown to the Biskitts, Scratch’s cousin Itch comes to visit
6B King Max's War King Otto and his knights arrive in Biskitt Swamp in order to claim King Max's treasure even though he doesn't have any. To keep their swamp from being burned down, the Biskitts end up arranging a duel between King Max and King Otto.
7A Moving Day During a rainy night, King Max searches for the treasure as the Biskitts move the treasure to a tree, when the treasure room is flooded.
7B A Biskitt Halloween On a Halloween Night, a witch returns 100 years later to make a spell to rule the world, and to stay in this world. so the Biskitts try to defeat the witch.
8A Around The Swamp In A Daze After locating a map to Biskitt Island hidden in a secret compartment in the castle, King Max uses a balloon to locate the island from the sky
8B Rogue Biskitt Scat becomes impressed with an adventurous Biskitt named Rover.
9A The Golden Biskitt When a wizard’s apprentice unknowingly turns Lady into gold, the other Biskitts try to restore Her back to normal.
9B The Bone in the Stone When a thieving Dragon named Pyronis steals a treasure chest, Sweets leads the others to retrieve it and find the bone in the stone, after Waggs breaks His leg.
10A The Trojan Biskitt King Max plot to give Biskitts a statue of Biskitts, he can get the treasures
10B Snatched from Scratch Shiner get kidnapped both Scratch and King Max, can Biskitts save their selfish friend.
11A The Biskitt Who Cried Wolf Wiggle try to impress Wags(who has a crush on him) King Max uses a Eagle to capture Biskitts, can Wiggle save them.
11B Shecky's Last Laugh Bump befriends Shecky.
12A Raiders of The Lost Bark Sweets meets the Whiskers(The cats).
12B The Princess and The Plea Princess Biskitts is kidnapped by King Max, Male Biskitts try to save her(Wags, Bump, Shiner, Scat, Mooch and Downer), Sweets, Wiggle and Lady must show the boys, girls are better
13A The Swamp Monster Scat try to be brave.
13B May the Best Biskitt Win Shiner challenge Wags with Vote, who will win the Vote and how is leader for Biskitts Wags or Shiner.